Monday, July 17, 2006

a little goes a long way

this weekend was fairly productive, even with my father in town. i was proud of myself. even though i was just avoiding much larger tasks on my to do list.

i vacuumed the entire house including all the spiders that had moved in last month. cruel, i know, but they have houses outside. il'd vacuum up any intruder. cute or creepy crawly.

i found some great cheap canvas boxes at christmas tree shop so i reorganized my closet. i also tried on a bunch of stuff i haven't worn in years and realized i had about 5 pair of kakis and 2 skirts that weren't possibly going to fit me anymore. i've also got some boxes to mail out this week {including the number picking winner's box, let's hear it for procrastination, yay}

then i dropped off some dry cleaning and some donation clothes {sitting in my extra room for months now}. and i unloaded my husband's summer clothes and packed away the winter. {don't even give me a hard time about it since it's only been summer weather here for the past few weeks...}

tonight i'm going to a private party at this place to make and take some dinners that should last us a month. and there's no mess to clean up afterwards. and i don't have to cook to serve a fabulous dinner at home. {hurray}

1 comment:

Charity said...

YAY!! Package!! Lets just hope it actually gets here unlike the CD's MB keeps trying to send me!

I still think my postman is stealing them!!!

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