Saturday, June 10, 2006

a picture is worth a thousand bras.

so i've realized i have about five readers. how sad is that. i need to be more interesting i guess. i'll work on it, i promise guys.

so i'm giving everyone until friday to guess a number and possibly beat the one of three people that posted theirs. sad i know, but i want to be fair to all the fake readers in my head. it's only right. on friday i'll announce the winner and then on saturday i'll leave for california. for ten days. when i get back i will then start to make your gift. tough crap. but think of all the great ideas i'll get while in LA. the mecca of hip and cool and all the rage. or maybe i'll buy something and totally pretend i made it for you.

today i went to a wedding and {egads} forgot my camera. what what. yes. i suck. but it was 50 and raining and dark when i left the house, unfortunately {fortunately for the bride} it was sunny and clear skies on the lake 2 hours away. oh well. the saddest part about this whole story is my husband snoring in the passenger seat the entire way home with a bra covering his eyes. AND NO PICTURE OF IT.


Robyn said...

I'm Robyn, I have been reading your blog for a while- I just don't leave comments :( sorry. My number is 16. (My birthday is this friday, June 16th, and 16 has always been my number!) Have a nice day.

Kelly said...

Hey, she's trying to swoop in on my birthday angle!

mom said...

Hi sweetie,
I read your blog all the time (it's a mother's need to keep in the know when it comes to a daughter) and my number is 7, because that is the number of children combining bio and step, and the number of diamonds in my engagement ring, and much more concerning the bible. Anyway, have a good trip and give a big hug to Jen. Tell Justin he has a lucky streak in the fact that you did not have your camera...... he is a golden boy. Love you both,
just mom.

mmmmmmmmarybeth said...

How come I am the only one to wonder where the bra came from??? Did you take it off so that he could cover his eyes with it? Do you have random bras lying around your car? Was there another reason you had taken your bra off? COME ON NOW!!

jen said...

bras are of the devil!

burn them! burn them!

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