Tuesday, June 20, 2006

california sun

it's been a fun few days. thanks to the convertible my shoulders end up sunburned every night. what a terrible complaint to have right.

so far {in three days} we've seen venice beach, malibu, santa monica and beverly hills. i've touched the pacific ocean {which was freezing}, taken multiple pictures of waves on rocks, shopped rodeo drive {and by shopped i mean walked around pretending we had the money to shop gucci but actually having the money to only shop gap} and had some delicious sushi with my cousin.

definately looking forward to our friday shopping day and san diego zoo this weekend. oh the pictures i shall have for everyone...

we're thinking of just driving up the pacific coast highway today with the picnic basket looking for a quiet place to sit. in general it's a pretty relaxing trip but we're still not sure about living out here.

1 comment:

fat mel said...

yo lady. Cali, eh? nice. I was thinking about visiting that markovitch boi out there, but then decided I'll just stick to the East coast. good times. Random capitalization in this reply.

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