Friday, June 30, 2006

delicious dinner

sushi_yum.jpg, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

jen and i ate at this place in venice twice. it was good sushi. we weren't expecting all that fish when we ordered our meal however. it didn't mention it at all! but it was good anyway.

good news is i've found a place online that will print poster-size. i'm sending them a photo to test it out and see the actual quality of their work. then i'll have prices online and upload some photo choices as soon as i can. hopefully in the next couple of weeks. i'll keep everyone updated!


Heather said...

Speaking of Dinners- it was great seeing you last night! :) Thanks so much for coming to the mall and hanging out with my whole clan!

tinker said...

you know i'm always up for a little last-minute shopping. plus i wanted to see little danny boy. and of course, i totally needed two new pair of jeans.

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