Wednesday, June 28, 2006

the nightmare that is flying

we flew out of LAX at 11:30pm on monday night. a red-eye, cramped, no room to sleep, but we did, an hour or two. my husband needs some paperwork when he flies, and unfortunately the flight crew had handled it wrong and by the end of our flight it was torn in shreds. thus, we missed our 8 am connecting plane. so we were given minor compensation, yaddy yadda and rebooked on a 12:45 flight. we slept a couple more hours on the airport floor.

our flight finally boarded and we were on our way home. not quite. the weather wouldn't cooperate so we waited. and waited. and the baby behind us screamed. more waiting. 2 hours. screamed. waited. 3 hours. waited. screamed. 4 hours later we were taking off. i completely passed out for another hour and then home. at 6pm. we didn't unpack. we didn't sleep. we didn't go to the gym or grocery shop or do laundry. i didn't upload any photos. i was/am pretty bummed, BUT it's nice to be home. to my closet. to my big under-priced house. to my car. and to my bed.

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Sara said...

That sounds awful!

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