Sunday, June 11, 2006

justin's birthday celebration

justin's birthday celebration, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

here's a little glimpse into what our sunday looked like. i, me, the one that i am, managed to surprise my husband, the investigator. i pulled it off. i was more surprised than he was. it was a good party though.

you see his look of surprise there on the top, along with the death by chocolate {yum} and the photo montage. and of course he got the gag gifts of fixodent and geritol. and look, a carvel cake! and everyone in sweaters instead of swimsuits. oh well. better luck next 30th birthday.

he's not 30 until thursday of course, and i still have no present! {help}.


mmmmmmmmarybeth said...

awww nice. and yum, carvel. i'm hungry for ice cream and its 6:30 in the morning.

Sara said...

Looks like a nice day, I second the yum, but on the death by chocolate.

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