Wednesday, February 01, 2006

the state of my union

i actually watched half of the speech lastnight. half! that's a new record for me since i've never watched a state of the union, ever. why do we have to have an entire night devoted to talking about everything we all already know anyway? and on the same night as Scrubs? for shame.

so my hair is totally shagadelic. i need a haircut. bad. i look like a dishevelled wildebeast. not that they ever look shevelled. is that even a word. who cares. so it looks fine from the front, i can control it now that my sideburns are finally long enough to tuck behind me ears instead of curling straight out from my face. that does so annoy me. but the back. the back is horrendous. it's so bad, that if i were to pass you on the street and we were the best of friends, you would still whisper about how disgusting my hair looked as i walked away. and you'ld have the right. who here has ever tried to grow their hair out and actually succeeded? usually i get to that point where things start getting in my eyes and crawling down my neck and i rush to the stylist and have her buzz my head. but that's not happening this time. IF we go to LA, i plan to spend tons of time at the beach. my current pixie style is cute and lovely and an easy do, but it reacts to the beach like cats to big scary dogs. i need something longer and easy to pull behind my ears, wet or dry. so. it's growing. and growing. and fast. which is both good and really really annoying. especially since my amazing stylist, whom i love enough to pay an outrageous amount of money for a simple haircut, is booked for two weeks. two weeks!

'i'm annoyed with my hair. the end.'
that would have made a much shorter post.

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