Friday, February 24, 2006

dear nobody cares enough to care

so, if any of you don’t know the ongoing saga that is my husband’s career, i’ll fill you in.

my husband’s job sucks. They pay well but they run your life. so far, things like buying a car, getting a dog and having children have been put off for this job. he travels a lot. we’re expected to move every three to four years just for the hell of it. just because, making friends and becoming settled is a bad thing, in case you all thought that was the normal pattern of life.

in november we were informed we had to choose between three cities to relocate to, OR possibly be forced to go wherever the crap they wanted to put us and with detroit in the mix, we weren't about to risk it. we spent an entire weekend (that’s all they gave us to decide, nice, right) trying to figure out if we wanted to live in los angeles or new york city. after many phonecalls, hours online checking out housing prices and locations, and several pro/con lists, we finally decided to go for the sunshine and move to los angeles.

yeah well, too bad for us, they said we might find out before christmas. And then we would find out by the end of february. today we find out that IF we actually do have to move, it won’t happen until at least this summer. seriously. i feel like buying a teddy bear just so I can rip it’s eyes off while i stare out into the doom and gloom and gray matter that is upstate new york.


Kelly said...

that is really frustrating. you are kind of experiencing the military life...moving every 3 years or so, having to deal with them missing deadlines. it really sucks sometimes!

we're still waiting to find out what our follow-on assignment will be after ohio. we were supposed to find out by the end of january. last week, grant emailed the people and asked them when we would find out, they sent a one-word reply back--"soon." meanwhile, everyone else in his office that's going to ohio has already found out their follow-on.

it's the waiting that really sucks.

i really hope you guys get to move. i think you would really like cali.

Heather said...

All I can say is I feel your pain, literally! So does this mean J may not get his T# until the summer? If so- you've got 6 months after that until you have to move, which is annoying at heck.

The only quasi-bright side is that it'll be easier to sell your house over the summer b/c most families with kids want to move before the school year starts.

Call if you need to vent!

Melissa said...

I can't believe you wouldn't even consider Detroit!


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