Thursday, February 23, 2006

gosh already

so this morning i opted for a few more minutes with brad pitt instead of actually waking up and getting ready for work. now i’m stuck here until 6:30. it’s quiet and dark, and i’m bored. oh, i can see the guy in the cubicle next to me perfectly in the reflection of the windows. i wonder if he’ll pick his nose? looks like he’s just working. boring.

i've been dissapointed with the weather lately. no chance to take any good photos, except while i'm at work. the sun shines in my face mocking me. then the weekend comes and he disappears without a trace. i need a vacation somewhere warm and sunny so i can take georgeous pictures and post them all over my office when i feel like i do today.

happy almost-friday everyone. it's almost-payday!


Kelly said...

you were with brad pitt? what? why wasn't i invited?

did that guy ever pick his nose?

it's sunny every day here in albuquerque. it was actually pretty warm today--probably in the mid-60s.

tinker said...

yes. you heard me. because i want him all to myself.

no. he's so boring. all work and no picking his nose.

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