Thursday, June 28, 2012

bebe's new shoes: a tutorial

Who wants to make some of these adorable sandals?

So here's what you need, along with scissors, thread and a sewing machine unless you're not opposed to hand sewing. I messed up a couple of things I noticed as I was working {trial and error, what can I say?} so since I couldn't retake this photo, I just updated it with scribbles. Very professional, I know. I used a thin decorative elastic but on the next pair I think I will try something thicker, even though this works just fine. Also I think I will try leather for the soles, but felt is a fine option if they're not walking yet. To get your foot template, just trace bebes feet onto some thin cardboard...

Now loop and pin your ribbon pieces like so, along with the shortest pieces of elastic to the front of the soles in between the two pieces of felt. Machine or hand sew the two pieces together securing all pieces to your base.

Now slip your largest piece of elastic through the ribbon loops and sew the ends creating a circle. This is your ankle strap.

Make your flowers for embellishment. Use premade or any one of the million tutorials on Pinterest! I've made these flowers before and they're super simple. You can follow this tutorial. Then attach to the ankle strap using hot glue. I tend to use a circle and sandwich the strap between the circle and the flower for more stability but you don't have to do this, it just finishes it off a little better.

Now I did some hand stitching on the ribbon loops to close them up closer to the ankle straps, so the straps wouldn't have too much play. It's a totally optional step. There, now you have some completed bebe shoes, but they're not for walking, I repeat not for the walking bebes! Enjoy!


bedroom designs said...
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BumbersBumblings said...

Absolutely adorable!!

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