Tuesday, July 17, 2012

rock on

Bebe's got a new pony. Best part is it's custom made with love from mama. Of course she can't ride it yet, but I'm hoping she'll love it once she can.

Here's what it looked like when I bought it from the consignment store for $12. Boring right? But I liked that it didn't have any gross yarn hair. So it got a good sanding to prep for paint.

I had to get creative with setting it up for painting, so a couple of saw horses {ironic yes?} and a tarp later, I was priming that bad boy. After primer, a couple of coats of white spraypaint.

The hardest part was definitely the stenciling. I printed a chevron print onto cardstock, using photoshop to get the size I wanted. Then I used an exacto knife to cut out the zig zags and held it onto the seat as I used a stamping foam brush to apply the color. It took some touching up after the fact and probably would have been better to create a pattern directly on the seat with painters tape, but that would have been just as time consuming.

The finished product however was well worth it and for just about $20 dollars, I think this boutique horse will have a happy life here in our home.


Andrea said...

Gorgeous. You are so talented. That bebe of yours is pretty lucky to have you for a mommy!
Love the Chevron stripes, and the matching handles/knobs.

Kelly said...

seriously, that's pretty amazing.

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