Tuesday, July 24, 2012

floor poofs, or puffs I suppose

I made these fabulous little floor cushions for my porch design, because well, I'm cheap. I couldn't see spending all that money on something that I could so clearly make. So heed my warning, next time you think that craziness in your head, just pony up the money and go home happy.

As lovely as they are and as happy as I am with the final product, this was NOT an easy project. At first I thought the idea of an insert was genius, and then I realized the only fabric I had for the insert was a stretch jersey instead of muslin. Dumb. Then after all that cutting and sewing time, I filled the insert with my k-mart bought bean bag fill. Brilliant. Now to push that sucker into the outer cover...NOT happening. Empty some beans out. Shove in insert, fill back up and sew shut. That sucker is never EVER coming back out of that insert. So the whole, 'Oh I can just throw the cover in the wash when it gets dirty!' thing just ain't happenin'. Had I known that ahead of time I would have opted for a darker more versatile fabric. Oh well, fashion over function I guess.

So the next cushion was smaller, missing an insert and oh so easy to do. Lesson learned life, thanks. Total for both cushions was only $28, but an entire lost Saturday isn't worth the savings...so don't do as I did, BUT if you are crazycakes enough to try this on your own, skip the insert and just pour those foam beans in to your hearts content.

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