Thursday, June 21, 2012

Here's the problem with Pinterest if it actually has one. It's a lot like Wikepedia in that anyone can post anything whether or not it's actually true {or works}. So It's hit or miss with some things such as writing on mugs with Sharpies, baking them and expecting that to work. It doesn't, I tried. I then proceeded to wash the marker off by hand right after they cooled. Fail. But with lots of pins, they do actually work, and you will find yourself pleased with the results and eager to either host a party or give a random person a handmade gift. 

For example, adding glitter to mod podge and painting glass. It worked, and I love it. Although, taping off a section is more difficult than it seems since the mod podge will peel off with the tape leaving you a dodgy edge. Unless you do a quick swipe around the tape/glue edge with an xacto knife. Regardless, it's an easy process.

The mod podge/glitter mixture:

Drying on the HOT sunporch {I wasn't thrilled with the clothespin results}:

And since I was trying to use up what mixture I had left, I decided to pull a couple of frames I painted a while back and glam them up a bit. I really liked the glitter effect on the frames, it added some glimmer but it's a very girly effect, so maybe not appropriate for the family gallery wall. The chalkboard centers are actual scrapbook paper, can you believe they make a chalkboard scrapping paper? How cool is that?! Anyway, if you were thinking of this Pinterest project, I highly recommend it, you might just find yourself putting glitter on everything...

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embee said...

love them and i love your hydrangeas! i hope i spelled that right. and now i picture you like a fairy-crafty godmother handing out handmade gifts to strangers where ever you go.

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