Wednesday, June 06, 2012

camera bling

I decided to do some research on those fun little Elmo scrunchies you see at the end of the camera lenses of portrait photographers trying to get baby's attention. Turns out, I couldn't figure out what they're called, so all my amazon searches turned up nada. Then a quick google search led me to this etsy shop: Happy Acres Farm

As adorable as those all are, I have so much felt I decided to craft my own. A quick trip to Walmart and I had the scrunchies, because if anyone's going to still carry scrunchies, it would be Walmart.

These were easy to make and not too time-consuming. You could probably decide on a simpler design based on your time restrictions, but I opted for fun and colorful. If you don't have the gumption to give it a go then I highly recommend you buy one from her shop since the designs are all super adorable. Here is an easier version, a simple flower:

Even though we were extremely busy learning textures and shapes, we had a time out to see if our bling works.

'Mama, what is that awesome thing on that big black monster you keep shoving in my face?' I think it works!

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