Saturday, November 26, 2011

handcrafted Christmas: ribbon paperclip bookmarks


These again were inspired by a similar idea on Pinterest and a really long wait in the fabric cutting line yesterday morning. All you need is some coordinating ribbon, paperclips {mine are small but you could use a larger version as well} and some hot glue.

This first version is just looped through the paperclip at the top, pulled tight and cut.

This second version is just looped through and hot glued in place, then cut.

So simple {and quick} to make and perfect for stocking stuffers...

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This Mom's Heart said...

THese are very cute. I saw a similar one on Pinterest and started making them but am not happy with the knots- so I started looking to see if other people had ideas. This is how I am going to do my knots. Thanks! :)

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