Thursday, November 17, 2011

burp cloths for the bebe


Ok, I knew it couldn't be that hard. And I knew I wasn't paying that much for something my bebe was just going to be spitting up all over SO I figured it out! All it takes is some flannel {$3 a yard on sale!} and a serging stitch. Simple, easy, no mess. I could handle this.


Luckily I was able to find some really cute patterns, those whales make me happy.


And I was able to figure out that my fancy machine has a serging foot and stitch. Wahoo!


The final cost for this project: .75¢ Yup. A whopping 75 cents a piece. Insane really. Each cloth is a quarter yard. Don't those whales make you happy too?


daisygirl said...

So cute! I wish my sewing machine had a serger! Looks like there will be a baby shower coming up at our church, and I'd love to make some handmade stuff for her, so you've given me some great ideas! Now, just to wait a week or two till she finds out if it is a boy or girl.

carrie said...

cuteness!! Whales, anything beachy makes me happy!!:-)

Jennifer said...

The whales are the cutest!

embee said...

ok i love those whales. think i'll have a baby so i can have a whale burp cloth! or maybe i'll just start burping more myself :)

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