Friday, November 11, 2011

dresser revamp

I've been looking and looking and looking for the perfect bebe dresser. Something that was fanciful, gorgeous, cheap and in need of a complete makeover. And could fit a changing mat. Well, I couldn't wait any longer, I was literally starting to freak out over it thanks to my obsessive need to nest and organize, so I went where I knew I could find something cheap. It also helps that I found something white, because that meant no painstakingly annoying painting in my future.

So here it was, in all it's boring and blah glory:
Notice the missing handles, and the knicks and dings? Well, you can't really see those from back here, but trust me, there's a whole corner there that someone jammed into a wall accidentally. Lucky for me, I didn't care and it was only about $115 for the dresser in as-is condition. I could live with that!

And here it is after some minor adjustments:

Minor adjustments included taking sandpaper to most of the edges and drawers to blend some preexisting scratches and to give it a more worn, shabby chic look. Next I recruited a good friend who just happens to live next to a Hobby Lobby in the midwest. She did a little hardware shopping for me and I ended up with about 15$ of new handles, which would have cost me a whopping 55-60$ if I had splurged at Anthropologie. The drawer revamp took me about an hour, if you include lining the drawers, if not, it was about 20 minutes. And cost me about $135 dollars. Not bad considering all the dressers in those bebe boutiques will run you around $700+.

Before, with yucky boring knobs:

After, with rustic looking white hardware:

And I even lined the drawers in some adorable paper I had laying around. I know I'll be the only one to see this, but I like the added touch:

I can already foresee a dual naptime for both bebe and Sadie, she seems quite attached to that chair:


carrie said...

looks great!! Love that last photo of Sadie in that chair!!! cute cute!!

mrs.d said...

It's beautiful! And I love that cute doggie and that cute pink chair :)

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