Wednesday, November 23, 2011

handcrafted Christmas: placemat clutch

And who doesn't want to know how to make this?:


Yeah, I know you do. Have ten minutes? Cause that's about how long it will take you to make one of these bad boys. First you'll need:

a placemat
magnetic snap set
hot glue gun
embellishment, or vintage pin

First you want to fold over one side of your placement, to create an envelope and sew the sides shut:

Next you want to place your magnetic snaps, like so, and cut a circle of felt large enough to cover the snap. Hot glue felt to inside back of bottom snap, to keep things from getting caught on there...

Now just hot glue your decorative embellishment over the top snap {or another piece of felt and then add your pin} and you're done! They were so quick that I had to make a few, and one of those just might be for me for hm. Any questions, let me know!


Jennifer said...

I love the purple one!

embee said...

love them, you found perfect placemats for it!!

judi said...

i have two round aqua placemats that i bought for pillows...i might have to use them for this instead!

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