Thursday, August 25, 2011

another idea

that I've seen all over the web, but haven't had the chance to make yet was this:


It actually came out of an old frame my friend Carrie handed down to me. It started out gold and cream, and held an old floral oil painting. Once I received it, it was promptly spraypainted red and fitted with a chalkboard. {See it here.} Only problem is I was a little chalkboard happy at the time, and my house doesn't need this many chalkboards.

So an idea came from all that Pinterest inspiration and I couldn't be happier with the end product. After a free frame, a jar of white spraypaint, some wooden clothespins, scrapbook paper and hanging wire, my total came to a little under $10. And it only took me about an hour, start to finish including making all the little clothespins for hanging. Not too shabby and it could work perfectly for an office, kids room for artwork or bow storage, or a kitchen catch-all center. For now, this will be perfect for baby Zs room. {No, we haven't decided on a name but in the meantime I'm sticking to my guns and torturing the husband with my favorite one...}




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