Thursday, August 04, 2011

i'm at it again

My husband likes to remind me that I have my priorities all out of whack. And he's right. He calls these creative tangents of mine "pet projects" and they are exactly what I shouldn't be doing when there are other much more important things to do. Regardless, here's my latest pet project for your review:

I was having trouble locating a catch-all, key/message center for the kitchen, so I made my own. A tacky square frame from TJMaxx seemed the perfect starting point. I think I paid $5 for this:


And with a little love, turned it into this:


I painted it white, painted the middle with a chalkboard paint and added in the adhesive cork board around the outer edge. The chalk holder is an upside drawer pull, attached after drilling holes through the frame. The key holder is actually a magnetized spice rack from IKEA. I purchased it a while ago but didn't end up having the space for it. Luckily, it was a perfect fit for this project. So there we have it, the possibilities of repurposing are always endless. Cheers!


noordinarysparrow said...

Very nicely mitered cork corners. Got to love repurposing.

Jennifer said...

Inspiring and such a good makeover.

morninglory kitsch said...

your hubby is a tan-and-white zomboid whose creativity is out of whack. and i say that with complete objectivity. ps i'm totally bogarting this idea.

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