Thursday, August 18, 2011

baby on the brain

Growing a mini human has to be the most surreal thing I've ever done. I don't even remember I'm pregnant until I look down and see the big giant belly staring me in the face. I'm not used to having nothing to wear! Unless it stretches or hangs, I can't fit into it and anything that buttons is a thing of the past. Everyone keeps saying I look great, but I just feel like a giant, well, giant. And the best part of all this? The pain of the last few days that can only be attributed to a growth spurt. Awesome.

But besides the amazing expanding belly {and butt!} there are only good things. I have had a fantastic pregnancy thus far, with little to no sickness, and that's really all I could ask for. The kicking has started, and we now know the sex of the baby, so the nursery decorating and clothes buying are about to start. I'm having a really hard time figuring out what I need though, and I'm not about to run out and register for a whole room full of things I won't use. So any and all input is greatly appreciated! The only things we're sure of at this point? We will be using an organic mattress, trying our hand at cloth diapering, most definitely breastfeeding and the chair will most assuredly be painted pink. Besides that, I'm lost. And trying to agree on a name?! Oi vey.

For now, here is the new and improved giant me:


And some prints I designed for the nursery:



Unknown said...

You do NOT look like a giant. Enjoy this part, the kicking and moving, they are so amazing. If you are breast feeding, a Boppy pillow is a must. I used a bouncy seat and swing for all my bambinos. The pack n' play is convenient for travel or to set up in the living room to keep baby safe. Of course in a two story house a baby monitor comes in real handy. Those leather mini star slippers from Target are just as good as Robeez and so much cheap. Not necessary for the tiny baby but once wriggling and rolling starts, very helpful. Especially in the cooler months. I would opt for the jogging stroller with the rotating front wheel. It's good for the mall or for off road. Get a good brand. And none of my kids would have survived without a doorway jumper or as the stationary ones are called 'jumperoo'once they could sit up, they spent hours in that thing. They loved it! That's all I have for now, if I think of anything really important, I'll let you know. No worries, you'll do great, as long as you can handle weeks of sleep deprivation. :)

carrie said...

you are anything but ginormous!! Seriously, do you remember what I looked like preggo?!? trust me, you look healthy and beautiful!! :-)

Jennifer and Maddy said...

love it!!!!! i'll be sending you some cool NZed baby stuff soon. don't worry, it will be stuff you need or just like (i hope!)

Jennifer and Maddy said...

but off the top of my head:
hooter hider
boppy pillow
moby wrap
bassinet or packnplay for downstairs (or where ever you spend the most time- that's just a personal opinion from me- i hate relying on monitors)
more to come!

embee said...

i'm totally coming with you to register!!

must haves:
ring sling
nipple butter (i actually have some for you - lucky duck you)
baby monitor
cloth diapers ;)
baby swing
pack n play
bumpkins bibs (for later on)
robeez are my favorite
sleep sacks
collapsible baby tub (to fold and put away)
california baby products - lotion, baby wash

embee said...

btw i love the new header

Jennifer and Maddy said...

mb knows her stuff... :)
don't get a sleep sack, just sayin' :)

Anonymous said...

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judi said...

you are the epitome of beauty being pregnant! so glad you have been blessed with a great pregnancy so far, mine were both like that (SO thankful). and to think that my "baby" just got married,time sure does fly! ;)
love the baby shoes and can't wait to see the whole nursery once you have it all together.

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