Monday, February 01, 2010

uno dos tres


a few more pouches from the weekend. i love the middle one because it has this great silk turquoise interior.

today was the first day at the gym. i've missed the gym. and so has my figure! the hope is to treat my body extra nice so it stops producing itchy dots! well that's the idea anyway.

and in other news, this happened literally 5-6 houses away from our apartment on the same side of the street. crazy! oops.


carrie said...

gee whiz that's crazy!! good thing no one was seriously hurt, and so glad it wasn't your apt!! never a dull moment in the city!!:)

shamelessly mgk mom said...

i hate to be pesky, but how did you get that zipper in so clean? you're amazing! [hoping all the compliments will lead to an explanation.] you're so gifted!

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