Thursday, February 04, 2010

how i hide the seams

due to popular demand (ok, just from mgk's mom) i explain how exactly to hide those pesky seams on the travel tissue holder.

1. start with two rectangles (6.25x7" i think, but i'll have to check at some other time when i feel like getting off the warm couch). place the fabrics facing each other, (prints on the inside). sew all around the edges leaving an opening on the long edge.
2. if you want to do this next step (totally optional), turn inside out and sew the edges of the short ends, decorative stitches would work well here.
3. fold short edges in, while inside out and sew shut on either side.
4. turn inside out and voi la!
HOPE this helps someone out there.

in other news i think i've self-diagnosed my itchy dots! but now i'm having a hard time getting an appointment with the dermatologist so i can get a prescription for an antibiotic. if i'm right of course. which i REALLY think i am. again, doctors are only good for prescriptions. and if we could those off the internet we'd never need them! so maybe that's not an entirely realistic or safe possibility but i digress...please please please pray that this IS the problem and that i can get it cleared up. going on the third month of this and it is NOT even close to as fun as an ant-covered picnic on a rainy day.

1 comment:

mgk mom said...

THank YoU sWeeTy PiE!!! mgk tell you i'm coming to new york in oct??? whoo hoo. thanks again. simple explanation.

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