Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i'm losing my blogging mind!


seriously, i swore i had posted these photos about 2 weeks ago. and i think i took them about a month ago SO i'm really behind. anyway, these were taken in a 30 second rush with my point and shoot because you can never pass on the opportunity to take pictures of interesting discoveries. even if you don't happen to be lugging around your mac daddy camera that day. so excuse the over-retouching to make them internetz ready.

these cute little copper/bronze/metal (?) statues are strewn about the broadway/nassau stop off the A/C train. i hardly take that train so little did i know that these small pieces of art existed. they would make some really sweet nursery prints, don't you think? i mean, being cartoon animals and all...of course, grimy subways and baby's bedrooms don't really mix do they?




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