Thursday, February 25, 2010

bridge over troubled mac


so the mac's latest greatest wireless keyboard blew a battery. or something. there's a whole lot of white chalky mess in there and the darn thing won't work anymore. it's busted. luckily the store we bought it from is happy to do an exchange. tragedy averted.

this is yet another paper project, because they're so much simpler to do when lifting the sewing machine off the floor seems impossible. four 12x12" panels later and i have a nice big piece of artwork for otherwise bare white walls. and as you can see, i'm still in love with the brooklyn bridge. those other bridges just don't compare.


Melissa said...

That's so me cool artwork, man! Did you print it yourself or have it printed somewhere? I LOVE 12x12 as a size, but haven't found a good way to print it. :o)
Hope you kids have a great weekend!

embee said...

(was going to say the same thing as melissa)

did you print it all as one and cut, or crop and print each? am i understanding what you did?

Beth said...

Love the snow pics!

tinker stinker said...

i cropped and printed each at work. we have a larger format printer so 12x12 is a piece of cake! then i mounted each to some foam core and strategically placed them on the wall.

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