Thursday, June 04, 2009

a swap yer stuff party!!

so my friend carrie and i are planning {ok, i could possibly be forcing her to let me have one of these at her gorgeous house} a little swap party for the weekend of June 20th. we don't have a definitive date and time yet, but it will be that weekend and most likely saturday evening. once i have more info i can fill all the interested people in.

so what exactly IS a swap yer stuff party? i'm glad you asked! basically, we all make a mad dash to our closets: pull out everything we outgrew, undergrew, don't wear, don't like, don't think we look good in, isn't our style anymore, makes our butts look like heli-pads, makes us wish we had bought it in black instead and bring it for others to 'SHOP' through. everything is free, everyone brings something and everyone leaves with something. you can bring everything from jewelry and clothes, to shoes and handbags {have any unused hair products or lotions/perfumes, you know we all do, bring them too!}. we ask that everything brought is in good condition. don't worry about whether or not it will fit someone or if the 80s really ARE back, just bring it cause you never know! {i already have a few large bags of stuff and i haven't even started on my purse pile! never mind going through all that crap i have piled in carrie's basement, she's so patient...}

everything that isn't taken by others, will be brought to a local salvation army by moi. so it's kind of like a tag sale, but without all the dollar bills and quarters!

it will take place in bristol, CT, so if you live in the area and want to go, give me a buzz at this is INVITE ONLY so email me!!


your mommy said...

and..... I am still waiting for pics of the new place.
love you!

carrie said...

Wow cheri, you should write commercials!!:) i think this is a fantabulous idea. we'll send the boys out and have some girly fun!!! can't wait!

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