Monday, June 08, 2009

let's go fly a kite

this was not our actual intent yesterday.

we took a long bike ride down to the verrazano bridge {which you can see there behind j} and then we went over to coney island. i have to say, coney island is a big fat dump of a place. {although, we didn't park and walk so maybe it's an unfair assessment on my part.} this picture if from our rest stop at the park where we were politely asked to help launch some kites. the view was spectacular with all the cruise and transport ships in the bay, but the smell from the dead fish and the crowded highway made it a little less than pretty.

the bike was convenient for the trip to and from ikea, to load up on some creature comforts for the new place. we were even able to find a mini-microwave at lowes!! i promise there will be pictures to come now that we have curtains and all the thrift store bags are gone. some of you that skyped with us yesterday got to see it first hand. in the words of jen, 'that place is huge'. it's really not, but compared to our old place, it is.

also, according to jen we look more relaxed. and we were able to talk to everyone with the windows wide open. amazing. we love it.

(OH, and in fantastic news, our friends had their twins. a little early but as far as i know both, and mom, are doing great. when i have more info i'll share...)

any questions for me? while i wait to take some nice pictures of the place, i really don't have much to write about, so let em rip and i'll post answers tomorrow.


embee said...

awww... congrats to the mama and babies!

daisygirl said...

I don't think I'd be able to go to Ikea and fit everything on a bike to take home. Speaking of which, I need to make an Ikea trip myself, but I'll be taking the van!

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