Tuesday, June 09, 2009

shake it like a polaroid picture

it looks like my tiny take-everywhere camera may be on the fritz. see that black shadow on the left hand side? yep, a new development.

my husband asked why i looked so happy when i was telling him this yesterday. i said, 'dear, honey, love of my life, you know i'm an electronics junkie but i just can't see replacing anything that isn't on the fritz, so although i've really been wanting to upgrade to a higher megapixel, larger display and slimmer model, i haven't had a reason. until now.'

and really, hadn't we just had that conversation about curbing the recent spending frenzy? (moving to save money sure does cost a lot.)


morninglory kitsch said...

i think the dark edge adds 'visual interest', but don't tell the J-train i said that. DO tell him i called him J-train.

Jennifer and Maddy said...

sigh! they just don't make 'em they way they used to. my old elph is still kicking and i've dropped it more times than i can count and Maddy's dropped it at least a dozen times. course, i could use a few more pixels, but eh

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