Tuesday, June 16, 2009


another great weekend in the new apartment. we're settled, we're happy and besides the occasional dump truck, it's peaceful.

so on saturday we were sitting in our apartment about to watch a movie when we started hearing these thunderous BOOMs. well, given the circumstances in the past several years, we were a little nervous to figure out what was happening. all was well though, it was just some fireworks barges in the east river.

luckily we're so close to the water that we just ran down the street along with everyone else to watch the display. it was great!

then on sunday we had some friends come check out the neighborhood since their lease is up in a few months and they're sick sick sick of their loud manhattan neighborhood. so we had them bring the dog to see just how pet friendly it is here, dog parks, other dogs, friendly dogs, pet stores, this place is a dog mecca. a lot of the shops even leave out water bowls and treats for the passing dogs.

so short week! tomorrow night we'll be on our way to CT! see some of you soon!


daisygirl said...

So, are you going to get a dog?
Nice that you could go watch the fireworks on the water!

krista's mom said...

Wow! I bet the 4th of July will be amazing! We can't see anything over all these trees and mountains, we barely were able to get direct tv!! hoo ah.

Randi said...

Will you be in R.I. for Fathers Day?If so let me know I'll be around minus 1 kid(audrey will be in conn.).

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