Thursday, December 20, 2007

ok now, be honest

is anyone feeling rediculously overwhelmed. i mean, jump out the window, land face first in the snow and just stay there for a while overwhelmed? i don't know what is is, but i have been so 'in-a-mood' for the past couple of days. i'm tired and i'm cranky and i'm stressed and never the twain shall mix. but they did and today i'm finally starting to get over it. or get over me. i wasted a perfectly good night off with my husband being a nasty nasty person. all those hours i'll never get back to be sweet and nice and happy.

well. the good news is we have friday night to pack before we load it up and head to new england for ten days! yep ten days. i'm seriously thinking about bringing my sewing machine with us. i mean, a girl's got to relax on her only vacation in forever right? i'll probably grab a couple of books too. and i'm hitting up some swell shops with the stellar mb and sarah. you gals better be ready to spend hours looking at pretty fabrics. or looking at me looking at pretty fabrics.

anyway, i just wanted you all to know that it's ok. it's ok if you don't get all your cards mailed, or it's ok if you forget someone on your list and look like poo-poo at the party. it's ok if you didn't get so and so the same amount of gifts as they got you. it's ok if you didn't make that pie from scratch. so just let go and remember what's important during this time of year. seriously. step away from the flour sifter.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Tink. Your blog made me feel alot better. I have been feeling the same exact way. Today was the worst though. I feel like I have way too much to remember to get done by 3:30 tomorrow! and I KNOW i am forgetting something!!

embee said...

raises hand

i'm actually planning on getting up at 5:30 so i can hit the grocery store tomorrow by 6. so that i can buy groceries without baby and have husband bring them inside. and then bake all morning, then head to my old workplace to say merry christmas and give out goodies, then to home so baby gets a nap, then to a restaurant for a goodbye party for my old boss, then home for dinner.

and you know what my husband will say on our way home?

what's for dinner? do you have anything planned?

Heather said...

Dude..I agree with everything you wrote. *sigh* Stress.

The compliments keep rolling in from your pictures! Any chance you want to come back up to visit Oct of next year? ;)

Merry Christmas, my friend! Safe travels to you and J- enjoy your well deserved time off!

Off to wrap gifts...

super slacking but with good heart jen said...

so it's ok that i never sent out your birthday present? and that it's in the box with your christmas present? and that i forgot to bring that box with me to the post office only to realize i forgot it after the 35 minute wait in line?

tinkerwiththis said...

wow, you're lucky i have a bad memory! i forgot i didn't get anything from you for my birthday!! and don't feel bad, i just mailed all your little gifts {sans diaper bag} out yesterday. and i didn't even mail it myself. i made justin do it. so now i feel waaaay better about that :)

heather! i will definately come visit whenever you need some new pictures!

embee: guys = dumb.

cherry: all your family wants is to see you and spend time with you.

krista said...

i'm back, sorry to be gone so long.

Wannabe said...

If I say I'm totally not stressed because not only did I get all my out of state stuff shipped over a week ago, have all the presents done and all the baking done...will you be mad at me? I started in October though.

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