Monday, December 10, 2007

congrats to amber!

prize_pendants.jpg, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

you won, aren't you psyched? i would be. you're getting one 1" round pendant, one 1.5" square pendant and an 18" silver-plated chain to wear them on, so congrats!

now what exactly was that big crazy excited news i had to tell you....wait, it's coming to me....yes, that's it: we're moving to...........wait for it...............NYC!!!!!

i know right, who wouldn't be completely ecstatic and truly terrified of something like that all at the same time? our house is officially on the market as of last thursday, and we already had someone come look at it yesterday!

so congrats again amber, i know how you love these pendants ;)


Sara said...

NYC? Really? I had no idea. I'm trying to talk Rich into buying your Subaru, ya know, because of all the snow we have. It's not working.

tinka tinka what said...

amber: i need your address and i'm too lazy to send you an email ;)

sara: tell rich you need the safety of a subaru for the children. think of the children!

embee said...

new york city. i couldn't have guessed it.

i second the subaru idea. sara needs a car that can pass someone in the left hand lane without taking two days to do it.

n8andbumber said...

oh my gosh! i won something! sorry I'm so late reading this.

Love me some pendants. best christmas present ever!

sent you an email w/ my address. you should have it after all the pendants i've ordered thus far!

Wannabe said...

PLEAAAAASE. Old news. Pssh. But at least you are closer when I come visit to CT. I can crash on your sofa. Yeah, that.


daisygirl said...

I am very jealous! I love those pendants! Oh well, I never win anything anyway. How did you pick the winner? Pull a name from a hat? Can't you be more creative than that? Well, I have dibs on the next contest. You can rig it, can't you?

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