Wednesday, December 19, 2007

christmas shopping is the only shopping

i don't enjoy. ok, so i'm not done with everyone, but i'm close. i always save the hardest people for last, bad bad bad.

so out of all the handmade gifts this year {eyepillows, bags, hair clips, etc}, my favorite has to be a little tutotial tin i'm putting together for a few of my sewing people. the tin is complete with supplies and some swell fabric, enough to make three of the tissue holders i've shown here before. PLUS i made and illustrated my very own tutorial to go along! and of course i'll include an already finished model, in case they have any questions. i'm very proud of it i must say. seriously. i am.

so what is your favorite gifted gift this year?

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Wannabe said...

I'm done. It's the earliest ever. And my knitting was done a few weeks ago so I had time to make a few extra knitted gifts. I have no idea how I got it all done.

My fav gifts this year were knitted...I'm all about handmade. My favs are the knitted things I made for Mar and Sar. Will post on my blog after they open them. :)

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