Friday, December 07, 2007

eyepillows matey

eyepillows.jpg, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

for some reason eyepillows makes me think of eyepatches which makes me think of pirates which makes me say arrrg.

these are the presents i was talking about yesterday, they're so cute and i love them but i couldn't find my pillow this morning and i didn't want to wake up the husband poking around for a prop for a photo. they're filled with flax seed and a loose tea mix of relaxing scents so it's cool and heavy on your eyes and smells delicious. trust me, i love using mine to lull to sleep.

ok, a tutorial sans photos: just cut out two pieces of complimentary fabric, place them together face to face so only the underneaths of the fabrics are on the outsides. sew around all four edges but leave an opening on one of the short sides. turn inside out and push out the corners through the opening you left. then comes the tricky part. fill them. i need to purchase a funnel to make it easy and fast, without one it's a mess and you end up with little flax seeds everywhere {that just happen to look like tiny bugs, yuck}....push the extra fabric back through the hole and stitch the whole edge closed {add a tag or a bit of ribbon if you have any}. voila! you now have a sweet smelling relaxation eye pillow. kudos to you.

i already have orders for these, so i cut out about a dozen lastnight and plan to sew them this weekend, fun fun!

and check out the shop! new winter earring designs, so cute. and custom orders are finally done and shipping today...AND i picked a winner which i will announce on monday after i pick the prizes...stay tuned and have a good weekend!


embee said...

you should make a funnel with a piece of paper, yo.

daisygirl said...

You really are a pirate aren't you-torturing us by making us wait till Monday for the winner!

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