Monday, October 29, 2007

swap ideas continued:

so there were two suggestions that really stuck with me. both from krista, which, who are we kidding, had like 100 suggestions...{thanks to everyone who threw ideas out there, it was fun to hear them all.}

so now if you could just give me your input as far as if you'ld like to be involved, questions about the swap and general comments. i'll coordinate the official rules and deadlines later on, as soon as i see if there's enough people interested in doing this. so if you ARE interested, just comment a quick, "yay, count me in". and thanks in advance!

CRAFT PURGE SWAP: little bundles of fabric, ribbons, buttons, yarns, silk flowers, paper etc. anything you have leftover of in your crafting realm that you haven't wanted to just throw away...keep these in color combos if you can, if not, don't worry, just make cute packages of stuff. for example, you could coordinate the packaging instead of the colors, or keep everything vintage, or organize your bundles by theme, like scrapbooking or knitting. basically, you can run free with this, but make sure you're sending people more than just a sticker and some ribbon.

in addition to the purge items, it would be cool if you could send one item with each bundle that follows these guidelines:
small items only from your region. if you're in vermont, some maple candy. a ben & jerry's magnet. if you're in ohio, maybe some actual buckeyes. (don't eat them, they're toxic) florida, a seashell... maybe some pictures of your state's landmarks or beautiful sights. a postcard. something to make us feel we've been somewhere and it'll connect us all a little more. {i really like the idea of showing off where we live, even if it is a small town tundra like syracuse;) }


daisygirl said...

I definitely have craft stuff to purge! Binge and purge-what a cycle. Do you think a Canadian mountie will fit in the package? I might have to pay extra postage for the horse though.

not crafty enough to join the club jen said...

sorry no craft stuff to send because everyone knows i'm not crafty. i just started to learn to knit so i need every scrap of yarn to learn with... so i'm going to have to skip out on this one kids.

morninglory kitsch said...

well, you know i'm in since it was my suggestion(s). yea for swaps and tink!

Kelly said...

i think i have some stuff i could purge. oh, and as far as buckeyes go, the edible, candy buckeyes are delish (peanut butter and chocolate - what's better?).

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