Thursday, October 11, 2007

see my big girl shoes

autumn gear, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

or hat. it's here. autmumn. fall. the end of summer. it's grey and rainy and cold but if i try real hard i imagine i live somewhere more exotic than syracuse, like london or seattle.

hosting bible study at our place tonight. i'm kind of excited. we have people over all the time, but not people that we would ever let see our dirty laundry or dishes or overflowing shoe closet.

i pulled out the pumpkin spice candles and arranged the gourdes and now i feel like throwing a festive party and serving apple pie and warm cider. i LOVE this time of year. i want to marry it and have little half autumn, half human babies....{anyone watching pushing daisies? if you're not you're truly missing out on a break-the-mold tv show, thanks for the heads-up krista}


daisygirl said...

I tend to rebel against cold weather and wear my sandals until it snows, then I cry as I put them away in my closet for the next seven months! Of course my sandals are practically on stilts so my feet don't get too wet in this cold rain!

morninglory kitsch said...

i love you!!!! half-secret, half-human babies. i heart ned the mostest. isn't it the best show ever??? my thumb no longer hurts, so i will do my best to finish your hat by this weekend. and i love fall, too. maybe fall is mormon and we can both marry it.

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