Wednesday, October 03, 2007

like wearing snow boots on the beach

not much going on really. husband is home sick, boo. didn't make an apple pie like i wanted lastnight due to taking care of sick husband and getting shop orders ready to ship. pulled out the curduroy skirt and knee-high boots {thanks to freezing in my capris and flip flops yesterday} only to be greated by 80 degree weather today. so i look silly, instead of stylish. not that i don't love getting warm weather in october, but please people, i never know how to dress. transitions suck.

getting a wholesale order for the pendants, woot, and working on some new bags but you probably won't see those for about a month or so. oh, and downloaded the ingrid michaelson cd lastnight, simply perfect. yay for itunes and paypal playing nice together, their parents would be so proud.

happy wednesday, everyone wish manda a happy birthday!

1 comment:

morninglory kitsch said...

a pic of you sweating in your boots would do nicely!

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