Thursday, October 05, 2006

new t-shirt designs. yay.

birds in a row, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

this is the final product. i love them, they're so cute. so i'll get a link for them soon...should be posting them to tonight.

old navy is having a killer sale. i had a 10 dollar gift card so i figured i would get something for 10 dollars cheaper. i walked out with 7 things! sure, most of them will be put away for next summer or a winter vaca, but still, 97 cents for a t-shirt, who can argue with that.


jen said...

i really like this design
and i really like the lack of pink... yay!

mom said...

reminds me of one of the logos used for the Partridge Family TV sitcom....check things out before sales....

gee, isn't it about time for a birthday??????????

mom said...

i am sending you the pic in your email.

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