Tuesday, October 10, 2006


adirondacks, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

sorry i've been so busy! i'm super behind on a project i'm working on because i spent all weekend doing fun things, like hiking in the adirondacks and spending money at the outlets.

i don't know if you can see the decent size lake in the middle of the photo, that's where we parked. it was an amazingly long but beautiful journey. and a perfect day for it. i'm thinking it was the last nice fall day so i'm glad i took full advantage of it. we drove for 6 hours and hiked for 5! long day for sure but more great pictures to come...

sunday the husband took me to the outlets with a couple friends. i found two great pair of boots from clarks, for get this, 20$ a piece! i couldn't believe it either, i thought they were 50 and 30 each, but apparently they were on sale...which is great since i just happen to have had two pair of boots that needed replacing. i'm all set for fall now!

and a happy birthday to my dear wonderful sister who never bothers to call me or buy an answering machine so she would know that i had indeed called her.

i'm off to meet with a client! 3 hours round trip. oi.


jen said...

happy birthday randi!

Heather said...

What a deal, I haven't been to our local outlets in years, I think about it all the time, there are good deals there. I would love to spend some time hiking around the adirondacks, looks beautiful!!

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