Wednesday, August 30, 2006

warning: rant rant rant rant rant. rant.

so my husband buys a new sound system and some speakers for the new car, we're pimpin it out yo. so anyway, last monday it gets installed. we go out to the car and there's no ipod connector, which is why we bought the freaking thing in the first place. so we walk back in and the guy says, oh, no one told you, that part is on back order. really? nice. so we insist we want it by this weekend for our trip home. ok, he says, they can do that. and we think they can.

then this weekend i notice that the stupids there put a few gashes in the dashboard while they were installing the system! i wouldn't be steamed if the car hadn't been 3 days old when i dropped it i call and complain and they say, we'll take a look at it. now let me explain a little something here, this WAS NOT a cheap system. and they charged us for the installation. and this is supposed to be a professional place, not some corporate chain. best buy is looking like a much better option now.

so i've been on the phone with these guys all morning and nothing. they don't have the part. they're trying to track it down. they suck. and the husband and i are seriously debating making them uninstall everything and reimbursing us (fixing the dash) and then going elsewhere. UGH. end rant rant rant rant rant. rant.


marybeth said...

awww look how everyone cares that your fancy-schmancy car is messed up. and you can't use your iPod. how sad for you.

jen said...

i like marybeth

tink said...

ha ha.

i said it was a rant. which means i can be completely senflish and snotty and complain about whatever i want. don't call me the next time your pink razor falls in the toilet and you have to get a brand new one for free.

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