Thursday, August 03, 2006

block island

block island, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

being a rhode island native and never having been to block island i was most excited about this day of our trip. we boarded the ferry in a little town called galilee, which i believe my uncles fished from. i made sure to grab some del's lemonade and some clam cakes for the trip (rhode island delicacies), krista loved both. then on the island i treated her to a lunch of quahogs and stuffed sole, so it was seafood all around.

we rented this moped which is a lot harder than it looks. i managed to nearly kill myself in front of the instructor on my test run and made my way back to the shack assuming he wouldn't give me the keys after that little disaster showing. BUT he handed them over and yelled 'have a great time' and i thought 'don't you mean have a great death?' it ended well though (even with krista on the back) after i finally got accustomed to it all, and at top speed we hit 28mph! (love how dorky we look with our little helmets...)

we were both sunburned by the end of the day, but my dad was there to welcome us off the ferry and we made our way to providence to meet up with some old friends for dinner, so it all ended very very well. i loved block island and plan on returning as much as i can when we finally settle back home...

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Charity said...

Is it bad that I laughed hysterically at the picture of you in that helmet?

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