Monday, August 07, 2006


salem, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

so the last major stop on our trip was salem, mass. it was a pretty focussed town. meaning that all the shops and historical sites had something to do with the witch hunt or modern day wiccas. still, it was interesting to see.

apparently, women would garden with a broom, using the stick to make holes, and the wisk to brush the dirt back over the hole. they would then jump with the broom in their hands, straight up into the air, and how high they jumped indicated how high their crops would grow...people would see this from a distance and it would look like they were flying in the air on a broom. there. now you know some cool history for halloween.

the last day we spent at IKEA. yes, yes, three hours at a store. it was so much fun though. we should have brought our cameras in but i didn't want to get ourselves kicked out when there was so much to buy...

thus ends my girl trip. it was fun. we laughed. we talked about things way to private to talk about. we ate fun foods. we bought stupid t-shirts. and now i'm actually looking forward to a bit of relaxation.

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