Monday, August 21, 2006

21 day challenge: day fifteen

fifteen, originally uploaded by tinkerellen.

day fifteen of my 21 day challenge. i'm almost there but i'm still not sure if i'm creating a habit. it's difficult working around a schedule. plus, i've had to make it in earlier to work lately so it makes working out in the a.m. difficult. BUT i'm still trudging through. i didn't work out this weekend, and this past week was pretty busy. i still got a few days in. better than nothing. and it's hard to beat myself up over spending time with good friends.

i'm already thinking about my next challenge since there's so many things about myself that i need to work on. getting my business organized and going, devotions, finishing projects, a cleaning schedule, planning meals, etc.

this weekend was filled with rain. and movies. we picked up my new car and i love it. it's fancy pants. it has 6 cupholders. 6! and a sunglass holder. and pep. lots of horses under the hood. the only complaint i have is the stereo isn't ipod ready, so we have to get that figured out before we head home for the weekend. i am not lugging all my cd's around again. no sir.

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