Thursday, May 25, 2006

take or leave it yeah

so i already knew this was going to be a fun and exciting summer. in july i'm taking a couple of old college friends around new england, which promises to be a freaking awesome time. nyc, boston and block island, not to mention providence, yale modern art museum and hopefully newport.

well, two days ago we bought our tickets for our 'formal' vacation which we haven't been on in almost two years thanks to everyone up and having babies. we decided to go to Los Angeles!! i've only been as far west as chicago so this'll be all new for me (we may even squeeze in las vegas). and with the looming prospect of moving there, we figured we might want to see it first. and the best part is it's only costing us a few hundred dollars, since my husband cashed in some frequent flyer miles and we'll be mooching off friends instead of spending on hotels. we might just spring for a really cool rental car, like a convertible mustang or something. we leave the 17th of next month. just in time for j to turn 30! happy birthday (and anniversary) to us!

oh yeah, and we're heading to CT this weekend. but not until j plays softball and we go see X-Men III with some people.

(*sorry about the flickr photo post. supposedly they're working to fix the glitch, but i might have to relink. i'm just too lazy to right now.)


Kelly said...

We'll just miss you in Vegas...we're going there the 11th through the 14th.

Hope you like LA!

mmmmmmmmarybeth said...

enjoy all your trips. pictures! you'll have to show us pictures.

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