Thursday, May 18, 2006

i'ld like an order to slow.

who here knows that when you're hungry and wet and in a hurry to get home and into sweats and some sweet and sour, where do you go? china palace of course. or china chen. or chinese dragon. we all have our trusty dinner back up plan for all those times we don't feel like cooking. so today was like any other chinese ordering day. until the end. it was horrible. it's never happened to me before. right as we were about to hang up, she said something that made me sit up straight and stop paying attention to the road. she said 'ok, ready in forty minutes'. what. did i hear that wrong. forty doesn't sound like fifteen and it certainly doesn't sound like ten. forty? 'yes, forty. so busy.' um, sure, ok.

an hour later i'm sitting here typing this story so all of you can bask in my impatience. (the food's good by the way).

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