Wednesday, May 10, 2006

i'm smott.

so i've come to a conclusion. i spend spend spend. i mean, sure, we all do, but there are things in my life that if i simply cut back on, i would save so much money. but wouldn't we all. anyway, for the next few weeks i'll be scrimping my allowance for my new england trip in july. today i am going to buy a parking pass that will save me half what i pay now for parking (i have to walk two blocks, big deal). lunch will be homemade egg salad or tuna fish forever. and friday, i will sign up for some sort of money market or cd. (i even bought some stock which is going up up up!)

the bottom line is, in the next few weeks i plan to cut back cut back cut back. we're even thinking about losing digital cable! what, no dvr?!? incredulously, yes. which means no more grey's after this season. i'll have to start waiting for seasons on dvd and stop reading some of your blogs on mondays. it makes me sad, but dude, it's like 50 bucks a month.


mmmmmmmmarybeth said...

i wouldn't be able to handle no greys.

p.s. you may have heard of this wickeeed cool invention. called a VCR. it has this thing, called a timer, and it records a show if you ask it to. i know, its crazy. now all you have to do, is go find one, if you don't already have one in a storage box somewhere. buying one might cost money, though, unless you steal one. and you're trying to save money, so that might not work. hmmm. seriously though. missing grey's? you crazzzzzy.

mmmmmmmmarybeth said...

dude what the heck with it not saving my comment? i'm soooo not even typing that again. that kind of inspiration only hits once.

p.s. i told you to get a vcr. dude. its just so wicked cool. all the poor people have one.

mmmmmmmmarybeth said...

p.s. i guess it DID save my comment. just call me loserbeth!!!!!

Not Loserbeth said...

It's good to have you back Cheri, can't wait to hear about your trip. :)

Can't you just get good ol' regular cable? Grey's is on ABC so it's one of the basic channels anyway. Just a thought.

jen said...

yay! you're back!

we have loser cable... ten bucks a month for 20 channels and over half of those channels are spanish... but we get to watch abc all the time... and nbc and fox and cbs and cnn and pbs... all for ten bucks a month!
hurray for saving money!

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