Monday, May 01, 2006

google is evil

saturday 5:00 pm
have finally had car oil changed since i have terrible habit of forgetting things like that and letting engines seize. v. good. although in the process (of waiting for car) have managed to purchase pair of black linen pants, because one can never have too much black, especially in the summer. v. bad.

sunday 5:00 pm
am laying on back deck in bathing suit whilst drifting off to sleep in warm sun.

sunday 7:00 pm
hurray! have started unpacking summer clothing and rediscovered wonderful summer fashions. also found whole box full of shoes. AND did not toss shoes previously assumed to have tossed. all is right in the world.

monday 6:00 am
hit snooze button.

monday 6:19 am
fine. am out of bed. should NOT have stayed up to watch Grey's lastnight. v. bad idea. so tired. stupid gym.

monday 9:15 am
work. only three days until mini-vacation! had dream about missing flight.

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