Friday, September 28, 2012

the most adorable tornado of destruction

Well, we've had to baby-proof the house with our little 'tornado of destruction', as I lovingly call her. On any given day you can walk into our kitchen or living room and see papers or books or towels or toys strewn all over the floors. Anything in baskets must be out of baskets. Anything that is not hers must be played with and explored and licked. Those little interesting holes in the walls? Yes, we must play with outlets! So baby-proofing has been my main focus for the past week or so. 

Magazines? Yes, please.

The dog's toys? Of course!

Oh wait, something of mine? Certainly, I mean, this owl is stinking awesome. I laugh every time I see it...

Okay, back to the stuff I'm not supposed to touch, like the yucky dog kong. The dog seems to love it, so what is it all about? I just don't get it, it doesn't even play music!

Hmm, what's over there?

More magazines! This place is cool, mom.

1 comment:

carrie said...

she is seriously the cutest little girl!!!

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