Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mass Posting

Things have been crazy around here lately. On top of all that bebe-raising stuff, I've had the opportunity to work here and there. The goal is one to two days a week, but we'll see if it pans out. Since I've been slacking on the posts, I'll just throw you a few all in one.

We did our first apple picking of the season. The bebe slept through most of it, but she woke up pretty happy at the end, and I already had my fresh apples for bakin' pies.

As you can see, she's a big fan of the apples we picked. She's been using her two teeth to gnaw off as much as she can, which might be her new favorite pastime.

And the main reason I don't garden, I would kill and destroy beautiful things because to me everything looks like a weed. Case in point, I almost pulled this out of the ground a month or so ago but I was lazy and left it. And look what happened:

Gorgeous. And I would have killed them.

We finally broke down and bought the stroller we registered for when I was pregnant. Yessa. You see I was researching some high-end strollers I saw at the consignment store, and there happened to be a review on one of them vs. this BOB stroller I wished for. The blogger noted several things that spoke to my specific needs so I decided to try to find the stroller on sale and alas, Amazon had it. Two days later I was opening up the big cardboard box like a kid on Christmas morning. Our old one was free, but this new one is worth every penny. We walk a lot, at least once sometimes twice a day around the neighborhood so we will definitely get our mileage out of this.

She seems to like it.

And she's getting really expressive lately. She makes the most hilarious/adorable faces:


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embee said...

i miss her!!!

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