Friday, September 21, 2012

Black and white and easy all over

So I posted a quick photo of some pictures I put together for display. It was really very simple and extremely inexpensive so I'll tell you all how to do it and you can be awesome like me. 

Firstly, this isn't an idea that I came up with. No, I wanted to try the extremely complicated, albeit more permanent, tutorial that involved spray adhesive and foam board insulation. That went terribly wrong, so here I am with the simpler solution I found through Pinterest.

You'll need a 22x32 engineering print from Staples, costing about $3.50. If you are able to convert your image to black and white and lighten it up a bit before handing it over to them, I recommend it. Their printers print dark dark dark. The quality isn't fantastic but in large format it's not bad when you stand back. I've noticed each Staples is different depending on the age of their model. The older ones have more lines through them, newer ones not so much.

Okay, you need a roll of masking tape, well, not the whole roll but you get the idea.

And lastly, a 20x30" piece of white foam board from the craft store. It doesn't really matter which one, they all sell it for around $3.00.

Okay, here's the really really insanely difficult hard part. Ready? Wrap the print around the board like wrapping paper and tape down, pulling tight {but don't rip the paper, like me} as you go. Treat the corners like a present. Now if you want, create folded crease lines by running your fingers along each outer edge.

Guess what? You're done.

Hang that baby. Stand back and admire. Or in my case, think about going larger to fill more of the wall space...

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