Saturday, March 24, 2012

what's that smell?

It's not to say that I have a stinky home, BUT there are a few more scents now thanks to all the diapers and burp cloths hanging around. So when I saw these pop up on Pinterest I had to give them a shot. Of course, I spent way too much on lavender oil for the project, but now that I have it, the cost will be significantly lower for future jars. This is the one in the bebe's room:

These air fresheners are incredibly simple to make, and in general fairly inexpensive. I paid $4 for a four pack of small ball jars, $2 for a box of baking soda and different prices for the essential oils, depending on where you buy them. I had tea tree oil already and splurged on some lavender oil. At first I wasn't impressed with the smell of the fresheners, but once they settled and were placed in their appropriate locations it was nice to walk into a room and have something that wasn't overpowering and pungent like a plug-in or a spray.

This one is in the laundry room now which is great, since that's where I keep the dirty diapers. It used to smell like pee when I opened those double doors and now it smells like lavender. Fabulous!

This one is in one of the bathrooms:

And here's the tutorial on how to make these. It's nice to display some of my cute scrapbook paper while having an actual useful purpose. I will definitely be making more of these. Two nostrils up!


Kelly said...

i made these the other day, too! love them. although, i recently got rid of my scrapbooking paper, except for 2 random not-that-cute sheets. so that's what i used. but yeah, love the smell! i have 4 throughout my house. 2 are lavendar, and the other 2 are a special mix of oils that my local health food store has called "be happy." :)

Melissa said...

Do you think you could use fabric instead of poking holes in the scrapbook paper? I mean, it's not like I don't have 4,239,201 pieces of scrapbook paper...I just thought fabric might be nice, too.
I love this idea!

cheri said...

i don't see why fabric wouldn't work...try it and let me know!

Kelly said...

oooh, fabric is a great idea! don't know why i didn't think of that!

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